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drwxr participation on MITRE’s IoT Challenge

So, it is over the MITRE’s IoT Challenge and unfortunately we did not won the challenge (we got #5 out of 130 teams worldwide – check leaderboard). This challenge was launched on October 2016 until January 2017.

Despite the challenge’s result, it was a great opportunity to get involved in a real case related to IoT and Security, the main problem to be solved can be summarized as MITRE’s words:

We are looking for a unique identifier or fingerprint to enable administrators to enumerate the IoT devices while passively observing the network

And the challenge working as:

Each registered team was given access to radio frequency (RF) capture data from the model home network. The first recording was a baseline RF capture of the environment. The second recording was a “challenge” RF recording in which IoT devices were added, removed, or modified. Each team needed to answer a series of questions about the baseline and challenge recordings, which allowed MITRE to assess the team’s ability to uniquely identify devices.

MITRE IoT Challenge Leaderboard

So after this challenge, we improved our knowledge on IoT Protocols, GNU Radio usage, scapy-radio and methods to identify devices. Based on our status after challenge end, we will continue researching methods to identify IoT devices using data provided by MITRE, so we hope to share our findings on this area soon.


MITRE IoT Challenge

MITRE IoT Challenge Leaderboard

MITRE IoT Challenge Winner Press Release

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